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About Elliott's Designs

About Elliott's Designs.

 In 1973 Elliott opened an antique store in Southern California, but before then Elliott use to be a truck driver for a moving company. He would travel all over the country moving people from one state to another. Along his traveling he would stop in at small stores in search of antiques. He would fill up any extra space he had in his moving truck and take the antiques home. Some of the antiques he would sell right off the back of his truck. Elliott started refurbishing the antiques and selling them out of his house until he bought the antique store in 1973.

One of these antiques was a bed that he had bought in Winchester VA. In 1979 After 10 years of sleeping in it, he decided that he was going to try to reproduce it. After making molds for the castings out of iron and couldn't get the results he was looking for he tried the the sand casting method. This proved to be even more work, so he went back to the iron molds and gradually perfected the method. He started selling his very first design at the end of 1979. That first model was the 0071 Virginian which is still made today.

Between 1980 and 1981 Elliott closed the antique store and started producing beds full time in a small shop in Gardena CA. He was then able to get a major furniture chain to pick up the Virginian. Within 2 1/2 years that small shop was getting to small for the amount of work that they were doing.

Elliott then purchased a building in Rancho Dominguez CA. During that time Elliott started producing more styles of replicas the next bed being the 0061 Imperial. Soon after more and more styles to include the Lion, Royal Crown, Windsor, Melody and Cupid. Over the years more and more designs started coming out. Then in 1987 the factory was in full swing and other companies started noticing and starting copying Elliott's Designs. It was around that time that Elliott added the phrase "Often Copied, Never Equaled" to his logo.

With over 300 different styles produced in the last 30 years Elliott's Designs still continues to produce one of the finest quality beds in the market today. We are so sure of our beds that we have given them a lifetime structural warranty. Elliott took the time to learn how the original beds were cast, because he figured if the antique infront of him can last 100 - 200 years then he would also use the same method but with todays technology.

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